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All new products come with factory warranty.

The only frames in the world that are entirely conceived, designed, manufactured and tested in Italy.

In order to maximize profits, production was taken overseas by the well-known makers of carbon frames. Plain and simple. Now don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with mass produced frames, but that is not Cipollini. We handcraft about 2000 frames a year – one frame at a time.

The experts said monocoque frames couldn’t be done in Italy, but Cipollini has proved them wrong. With engineers, stylists, and skilled artisans, Cipollini has brought back the concept of creating a unique and revolutionary design. Our patented Atomlink® system, present in our models Nuke and Bond, attaches the chainstays to the monocoque front triangle by bonding them completely around the bottom bracket area providing maximum drivetrain stiffness. Cipollini has set the benchmarks high with innovations and standards of production that many of these Italian makers claim, yet can’t deliver.

Every Cipollini frame comes with an adjustable seat mast. Also, it includes a Warranty Card and a unique coded RFID embedded in the frame. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not for Cipollini!  This is one way to assure that this is a real Cipollini, and not a knock off.

Performance, prestige, and passion makes Cipollini the easy choice over all others!


Whether in a race, Gran Fondo, or simply the weekend coffee run, the RB1K is a bike of impeccable character and beauty. Know that it’s not just another pretty face – it delivers whatever the rider demands. Entirely conceived, designed, manufactured and tested in Italy.

The man behind the brand, Mario Cipollini

Unlike other brands, we do have a face to represent us. Mario Cipollini, superstar sprinter and winner of over 100 world championships, conceived the bike of his dream and materialized in the Cipollini carbon fiber frames.

During his extraordinary career, in which he was victorious in each of the 17 seasons he competed, he had 189 victories, earning the reputation as the strongest sprinter of all time. Nicknamed the “Lion King” for the majesty of his style and power of his final sprint, he broke several records. Throughout his career he collected 140 stage victories and was able to win on three continents: Europe, America (stage winner of the 2004 Tour of Georgia) and Asia (stage winner in the 2005 Tour of Qatar). After a short comeback in 2008, he decided to put his experience at the disposal of new generations of cyclists and joined with Italian based company Diamant to produce a range of powerful carbon fiber road bikes and a clothing line.